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18 Monospace Fonts Compared

I live in text editors and this screenshot of 18 different monospaced fonts is a terrific guide.

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Defending against PHP email injection attacks

I have a couple of forms that use PHP’s mail command and over the weekend I had to become an expert at protecting yourself from “email injection” spam attacks that insert spam addresses and headers into PHP forms. After a … Continue reading

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Radiators and other adventures with Victorian technology

I know I’m legitimately a warm weather dork because any time I’ve been confronted with a radiator I’ve incorrectly believed that doing something with the radiator valve will affect the temperature. Part of me is still boggled that a major … Continue reading

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Morse vs. SMS part 2

The Morse Code input meme is apparently getting some steam courtesy of O’Reilly.

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Morse vs. SMS

Everyone has been mentioning the story of the Morse Code guys wasting the phone texters on the Leno show, but it gives me an idea that the Make blog tangentially gets at. I don’t want a Morse code messenger, but … Continue reading

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The Grunion Gazette discovers Wi-Fi

Local Long Beach newspaper the Grunion Gazette realizes that it’s 2005 and discovers public-access Wi-Fi spots. Hilariously, they illustrate the article with a picture of Yours Truly (on the left) and an all-too appropriate quote: Enh. “Other people” in coffee … Continue reading

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Apple Cat

Novation’s Apple Cat modem is still the greatest hacker modem ever built and was my #1 purchase after I got my Apple II+ back in the day. Return to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

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Free wireless

Six useful places that have free wi-fi… Water Canyon Coffee Co. – Yucca Valley, CA International UFO Museum – Roswell, NM Marfa Book Company – Marfa, TX More Than Coffee – Blacksburg, VA Coffee Grounds – Terre Haute, IN Mudhouse … Continue reading

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Random Linkage I

Homemade macaroni and cheese is one of the greatest things ever and Gothamist links to New York Magazine’s review of the poshiest mac and cheeses in New York. I like the idea of a Mac mini home media server, but … Continue reading

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Cell tower camouflage

Boing Boing links to some photo galleries of radio and wireless phone transmission towers, but the most interesting gallery is this collection of camouflaged cell phone towers that look like trees, bell towers, flagpoles, or anything that isn’t an antenna … Continue reading

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