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Week 869: I really do think we just got the Mayan date system wrong

NOAA’s GOES-R looks at a bruised continent yesterday. Smoke from fires in the west. 3 hurricanes in the east. Not shown: earthquake in Mexico. DPRK missiles. Unidentified USAF aircraft crashes on the Nevada Test Range. Possible classified project? “Some … Continue reading

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Separated At Birth, Part XXIV

Newly identified geoglyphs near Quilcapampa in southern Peru. The Bridget Riley-style op-art background used everywhere by Spacemen 3.

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Boards Of Canada’s Tomorrow’s Harvest listening party

So I went… Well, I headed out in that general direction before stopping to check Twitter. Presumably someone had to be live-tweeting the scavenger hunt and when @tonx mentioned there were a small group of people there for an “event” … Continue reading

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Selections from the Flickrstream – May 2012

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Separated At Birth, Part XII

Collecting ponds of Something in the desert near the proto-suburban geoglyphs of California City. Dave Bowman’s meal on board the Discovery in 2001: A Space Odyssey. And there’s no way I’m going to miss the Obscura Day 2010 event at … Continue reading

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Right in front of you and not at all

I’ve seen Double Indemnity probably a dozen or more times over the years and until now I had no idea that was Raymond Chandler sitting there in the hallway while Fred MacMurray walks intently past him. I wonder what he’s … Continue reading

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Separated At Birth, Part IX

The new logo for William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Icons for every currently shipping app from Adobe Couldn’t someone in the design department come up with a better corporate logo than that? Did anyone really try or were the negotiations were … Continue reading

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Mad scientist mansion

Spotted just off I-70 in Vail, Colorado: The steampunk backlash (and backlash to the backlash) might be going full-bore right now, but that’s not stopping this guy from building this amazing copper-roofed mansion with built-in observatory. I can only hope … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Tunguska Event!

Asteroid, comet, black hole, anti-matter, UFO crash, or Tesla experiment gone awry, the Tunguska Event is 100 years old today. May you continue to inspire crackpot astronomers and conspiracy theorists for one hundred more.

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International Cephalopod Awareness Day

Did you remember to hug an octopus today? I did!

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