Rock-A-Hoola: water park in stasis

Rock-A-HoolaBoing Boing posts about a run-down kiddie amusement park in Egypt and I was reminded about Rock-A-Hoola.

Rock-A-Hoola is (was?) a mostly closed-but-not-quite-totally-abandoned water park out in the Mojave Desert in Newberry Springs, CA. The park has been kicking around irregularly since at least the early-70s – I remember ads for Lake Dolores (as it was known back then) airing on KTLA in the cheap post-midnight airspace alongside Truckmaster School Of Trucking and Cal Worthington. Presumably the idea was for it to be a tourist/camping stopover on the road between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I couldn’t imagine anyone being excited to to there – it’s too far for a day trip from LA and not much there to give you a reason to stay. I suppose there’s always the Vegas crowd, but it seem like they always REALLY want to get to Vegas.

Anyway, I snagged some photos of the place in October 2003. The main water slide part of the park was fenced off (and patrolled by dogs) but I got some pictures of the surrounding facilities. I still have to question the long-term viability of a water park in an area with little water and abundant evaporation, but that’s not stopping folks from dreaming.

Lake Dolores / Rock-A-Hoola on Wikipedia
Rock-A-Hoola in better days.

Author: Chris Barrus

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256 thoughts on “Rock-A-Hoola: water park in stasis”

  1. I remember wet and wild in Vegas …then they tore it down too…all the happiness it brought now replaced with with a greedy ass casino…people leave broke and depressed …I was one of the last to leave that awesome park and soooooo happy too. Ill never forget the sun on my body looking down the strip from atop der stuka. The tallest fastest steepest slide they had.

  2. How greedy James Mason
    4.4 mil. For your fault. There are a lot who’ll agree with me. Fuck you and. Your m3. And your blood money. You killed the park…BITCH …you’re gonna pay.

  3. Hi we own an Event Photography Co.In Vegas.We would like to talk to the owners of the old water park.What we would do here is make it an indoor water park & hotel.Thanks

  4. Wow what history, I found this site looking at abandoned property webstites, but this has had me hooked for 2 days now.

    I live in England but have been mesmerised , it all seems a bit quiet on this forum now, are there any updates ?

    I think I saw on another site that in nov 12 there was a cleanup going on.

    I can’t seem to access the 2 websites mentioned above.

    Thank you all for posting

  5. I stopped by there today and got some photos. No sign of any clean up lots of dirt bikes riding through.

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