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If not I’ll meet you on the Carrizo Plain

If you’re anywhere in Southern California right now, drop everything and road trip out to the Carrizo Plain. The superbloom from the winter rains is indeed once-in-a-lifetime and you owe it to yourself to discover your inner Ferdinand. The yellow … Continue reading

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The 21st Century, Week 822

It’s all fun and games until someone changes their band name to H. Merle Haggard… “Syrian war spurs first withdrawal from doomsday Arctic seed vault“ “‘Private cities’ for the rich with own infrastructure are springing up outside dysfunctional, third world … Continue reading

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Separated At Birth, Part XXII

Grading, Lakewood, California, 1950 (as seen at The Landscapes Of Suburbia Are The Real Science-Fiction) the surface of Europa.

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Boards Of Canada’s Tomorrow’s Harvest listening party

So I went… Well, I headed out in that general direction before stopping to check Twitter. Presumably someone had to be live-tweeting the scavenger hunt and when @tonx mentioned there were a small group of people there for an “event” … Continue reading

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Revisiting Rock-A-Hoola with Boards Of Canada

Boards Of Canada are about to release a new album after a long absense, and I have to admit… I’ve been liking the cryptic marketing campaign with the ultra-limited “Numbers Station” release on Record Store Day, a one-time video projection … Continue reading

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Separated At Birth, Part XII

Collecting ponds of Something in the desert near the proto-suburban geoglyphs of California City. Dave Bowman’s meal on board the Discovery in 2001: A Space Odyssey. And there’s no way I’m going to miss the Obscura Day 2010 event at … Continue reading

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Watching the fires

Just stepped out for a coffee and noticed a new column of black smoke a little bit east of where most of the smoke has been coming from. I wonder if this is the Acton fire. The Mt. Wilson Solar … Continue reading

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California license plate aesthetics

Franklin Avenue notes that California license place numbering has incremented up to 6xxxyyy style numbers. Not necessarily a big deal itself, but there’s a greater question that has remained unanswered and it’s something that’s been nagging me for years. I’m … Continue reading

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Catching up on recent things

My alma mater UC Irvine has always had an odd image and self-esteem problem. Of course it doesn’t help when your campus has had problems with body snatchers, assault by radioactivity, a sign that cost more than some buildings, and … Continue reading

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Diedrich coffee gives up

Holy cow! Irvine-based Diedrich Coffee, conceding defeat in the coffee shop duel with Starbucks, agreed to sell 40 stores it owns to its Seattle rival for $13.5 million. The local company will remain in business as a roaster and wholesaler … Continue reading

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