Strange Days…

Gas smells in NYC. Killer bees in New Orleans. Dead birds in Austin. Encephalitis outbreak in Rhode Island. UFO sighting over O’Hare.

Still, I think my favorite weird/unexplained story is from Antarctica (via The Adventure Blog). Team N2I is busy kite-skiing to the Southern Pole Of Inaccessibility – the point in Antarctica that is the furthest from the surrounding ocean. This point hasn’t been visited since 1958 yet last week the team encountered tracks:

It was here we began to make serious ground – only to be stopped in our tracks… tracks! Henry who was leading noticed that there was a line of disturbance in the ice. Slowing down as it was hard in the poor visibility (simular to whiteout conditions whilst skiing) to make out whether it was a crevase or not, he was amazed to find there were 3 massive sets of caterpillar tracks stretching into the distance. They apeared relatively fresh – not more than a day or so. This is an absolute mystery as there are no bases in the area we are crossing and have heard no reports of any activity in this rarely visited part of the Antaractic – especially when considering how far out from the coast we are.

Someone down there joyriding in the snow cat? Or Something/one Else?

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2 Responses to Strange Days…

  1. justfred says:

    Sounds like it’s time to reread “Antarctica” by Kim Stanley Robinson (“Red Mars”).

  2. Chris Barrus says:

    No kidding. I’ll have to fish it out and re-read it again.

    Wonder if someone is playing with robot road trains down there?

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