Let the Apple Phone backlash begin

I love the new phone, but I’ve got questions…

  • No tactile surface on the phone makes me wonder how well non-line-of-sight dialing will work. I’ve griped about this before.
  • Cingular as the service provider? At least my T-Mobile contract will have expired by the time the phone ships.
  • Locking the phone to Cingular (if in fact that’s the case) sticks in my craw. What happens if I visit another country and I want to put a prepaid SIM card in it?
  • How come Yahoo can push out IMAP email to it, but can’t get it’s own new mail client to work in Safari?
  • For that matter, why can’t .Mac push email out to it?
  • I wonder how soon DarwinPorts builds will be available on it. Having a phone-portable version of Wireshark would be significantly awesome.
  • With all the sharing/collaborative stuff that’s supposed to be included into Leopard Server, I can see this being a direct replacement for corporate Exchange/Blackberry servers. I’m envisioning an “Allow iPhone Connections” checkbox in Leopard Server Admin. A million network admins will stand up and applaud if this happens.
  • Sucks to be RIM, Palm, and Nokia right now.

Equally as important, but not mentioned in the keynote at all is the new Airport base station. You can connect a USB hard drive to it and have an instant media server.

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