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My view on Yosemite

I’m liking the dark menus.. Dearly wish for 10.10.1 to release soon.

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And the weekend forecast is: heavy torrents of stellar plasma followed by supernova on Sunday.

Weather application interfaces must be a basic problem that all intermediate-level UI-folks have to solve. There’s a wide-range of precise numerical data, but transmuting that data into a quick, non-quantitive “how is it going to feel?” seems difficult to do … Continue reading

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LucidaGraphite style for Vienna RSS newsreader

I switched over to Vienna as my main feedreader once the Great Google Reader Diaspora began. Until there’s an obvious choice in alternate feedreading-with-sync market, I’m back to the old era of downloading feeds directly. As a relucantly-former NetNewsWire and … Continue reading

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AppleScript code for determining if file exists

Delurking for a quick code snippet. I needed to have AppleScript check to see if a file exists before doing something. Initially I was trying to do this with a bare if *filepath* exists, until ninety seconds of searching revealed … Continue reading

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Poisoned Tracks

Like everyone else yesterday, I downloaded the iPhone Tracker app and peeked into the cached location database. Nothing too unexpected (there’s a cluster of NYC data too), but I quickly noticed some spurious data. Specifically the cluster of data at … Continue reading

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T minus 11 hours

I don’t have anything to add to the generous helpings of fear and expectations surrounding the Apple announcements tomorrow morning, except for this (which is a restating of my first experience with the iPhone): if the iPad feels like a … Continue reading

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Adventures in Snow Leopard, elderly batteries, and AppleCare

Soon after upgrading my MacBook Pro (three year old 2.2 model) to Snow Leopard, I noticed the Battery menu item was giving me the “Check Battery” warning. Not a tremendous deal for me as 95%+ of the time I’m working … Continue reading

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I only have one iTunes complaint

Unlike some people I know, I actually have a pretty good track record with iTunes. No missing files, no ambient weirdness, handles the big music library I have with little to no indigestion. However there’s one particular behavior that sends … Continue reading

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I seem to recall this being more difficult

Unsolicited testimonial… I’ve been so accustomed to switching computers via FireWire target disc mode that when it came time to upgrade the quaint 5400rpm/160GB internal drive on my notebook to a speedy new 7200rpm/320GB drive I was all ready to … Continue reading

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FontEye – a modest iPhone app idea

I immediately jumped on FontShuffle as soon as I ran across it, but it immediately gave me an idea. If I were advanced enough of a programmer I’d try it myself but I’m nowhere near that point. Here it is: … Continue reading

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