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Checking in with Philip K. Dick

He’s buried with his twin sister at Riverside Cemetery in Fort Morgan, CO. The story is that Phil & Jane were born prematurely as their parents were on their way west from Chicago to California. Jane never made it. The … Continue reading

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On the road: Colorado

I’d like to believe that the WPA artist who made the figurines intentionally made one who’s just sick of everyone’s shit. Burned forest at Mesa Verde. Despite the weed rush, it’s still the Rockies.

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4379 miles later

  As always, the idea is to avoid interstate highways whenever possible.

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Owning the means of production

I just assassinated all of my social media accounts. All of them. The corpses of my Twitter and Facebook profiles remain out on the field until I sort things out here. I’m keeping Flickr around because I like using it … Continue reading

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The Grand Prix of 1973

Spotted on the Hemmings blog: 1973 Grand Prix: The first Pontiac I ever drove. The first Pontiac I ever drove was my brother’s ’67 G.T.O., but a ’73 Grand Prix was the first car I ever owned. Here it is … Continue reading

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Slumming in Purgatory part 1

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Happy 100th birthday pop!

Happy 100th birthday wherever you are!

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March and April

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White-lined Sphinx Mothra

This one flew into the house last night, buzzing like mad, and determined to knock over a floor lamp. I hope it found the light from the streetlight to be satisfactory.

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I just wanted a quiet night of cleansing the earth of the unrighteous

without having to deal with some easter-egg brony b.s.

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