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On the road: Colorado

I’d like to believe that the WPA artist who made the figurines intentionally made one who’s just sick of everyone’s shit. Burned forest at Mesa Verde. Despite the weed rush, it’s still the Rockies.

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On the road: Arizona

*takes a deep breath and then in my best R. Lee Ermey voice* As an American and more importantly as a goddamn human being I COMMAND you to visit your National Park System and experience things that are bigger and … Continue reading

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4379 miles later

  As always, the idea is to avoid interstate highways whenever possible.

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3242 miles to Austin Psych Fest and back

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Eastbound to Austin

This post unofficially brought to you by the mocha shake at Bentley’s Coffee in Tucson. So very happy that after the demise of Greasey Tony’s and P.D.Q. Records, that the drink (and Bentley’s!) is still around even after twenty years. … Continue reading

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3300 miles around the Southwest

The line-up for Austin Psych Fest this year was too important to miss, and I had been desperately wanting to get out on the road for a long trip and luckily everything lined up to put them both together. It … Continue reading

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We went out to southern Arizona for a short July 4th vacation road trip. Things we saw… On the way out Wednesday night/Thursday morning, some 50 miles or so west of Phoenix, two separate fatal accidents shutdown the eastbound lanes … Continue reading

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24 or so Flickrs per second

Going against the tide of Flickr curmedgeons, here’s some Flickr video from the QC archives: Alkali flies on the ground at Mono Lake. They don’t bite at all, but it’s unnerving walking around them and seeing them flee and reorient … Continue reading

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El Bambi Cafe – Beaver, Utah

I took this photo on a family road trip in November 1976 when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Not surprisingly, even then I was obsessed with roadside culture. Who says you outgrow your childhood interests? Nice to … Continue reading

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The Thing about The Thing

NPR visits “The Thing” on I-10 in Arizona and gets into its history.

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