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Rugby font in the wild – part 8

Among other things that have backed up here – three different sightings of Rugby font from expert spotter Chris Richardson. A Lee Hazlewood Australian 7″ EP from 1970. The Holy Modal Rounders’ Last Round album from 1978. Shocking Blue’s “Mighty … Continue reading

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The 21st Century, Week 821

A Billy Ocean gig may have sparked alien invasion fears in Twickenham. What’s this new camera installed on a U-2 spyplane spotted at Palmdale? Cameron: Cinderella of the Wastelands is on display in NYC for a few more weeks. Good … Continue reading

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Another Rugby font sighting

Chris Richardson finds another Rugby font instance. This one on a Stones 7″ from Italy. Previous Rugby font sightings.

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Eastbound to Austin

This post unofficially brought to you by the mocha shake at Bentley’s Coffee in Tucson. So very happy that after the demise of Greasey Tony’s and P.D.Q. Records, that the drink (and Bentley’s!) is still around even after twenty years. … Continue reading

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Rugby Font In Space!

As a Gerry Anderson fan, I highly approve of this use of Rugby Font! [via Space 1970]

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Another Rugby font sighting

Kinda annoyed that I missed this one before. Knowing how Smile informed of the recording of Playing With Fire, you could probably draw lines of influence based entirely on where the font appears. Get the font here. Previously: Rugby font … Continue reading

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Chauncey Hare

Hidden off to the side at MOCA’s mammoth Under The Big Black Sun: California Art 1974-1981 exhibition were some photos from Chauncey Hare. I’d never run across his name before, but his work (mostly post-hippie, pre-yuppie California corporate anonymous) was … Continue reading

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Plane Crash Art

Quoting from the Pacific Standard Time description… In this outdoor spectacle, Richard Jackson will fly and crash a remote-controlled, ultra-lightweight, battery powered, model military jet plane with a 15-foot wing span, and filled with paint, into a 20-foot canvas wall … Continue reading

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Separated At Birth, Part XVI

The bottom of a frying pan as photographed by Christopher Jonassen: Europa, a moon of Jupiter:

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Separated At Birth, Part XIV

Soap bubbles photographed at 150x (as seen in Discover Magazine’s “Far Out: The Most Psychedelic Images in Science” gallery) Wassily Kandinsky’s Several Circles

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