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Center For Visual Music’s “Essential Visual Music: Rare Classics”

I’ve shouted at length here before about Oskar Fischinger, MOCA’s Visual Music exhibition, and the occasional program from the Center For Visual Music. CVM shows are kinda rare and extremely worthy. Well worth the effort to attend. Here are a … Continue reading

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Greetings From Big Letters, USA

It’s that postcard over there on the right that started it all. A dead town east of Joshua Tree that wasn’t even that much of a town before it died. However, someone thought enough of it to commission up a … Continue reading

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My Bruce Sterling moment…

…going to a lecture about futurist city design and architecture inside a re-purposed wind tunnel owned by an art school while a brush fire threatens to burn the city down. Yet another good BLDGBLOG event though I wish there was … Continue reading

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Adam Pękalski

Drawn links to the work of Adam PÄ™kalski and after being sucked in for a hour I concur, he’s 450 all different kinds of awesome. (Gallery one & two) The mysterious secret agent snowman had to become a new desktop … Continue reading

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Futurists Gone Wild: The Fiat rooftop test track

It’s one of those pieces of cultural knowledge that I could kick myself for not knowing already (there’s a lot: case in point, I hadn’t seen Rebel Without A Cause until a couple months ago), especially since it’s on top … Continue reading

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Pop-art-snarkster Banksy hit town over the weekend and kicked over the anthill of LA hipsterati. Chaos ensues, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. For all of the verbage expended on the health and well-being of the elephant (the elephant was fine), no … Continue reading

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Color illusions

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen some good optical illusions and boy is this one is a doozy. Best of all (and to be expected, since I believe that 2006 is the zeitgeist of Make Magazine), there are instructions on … Continue reading

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Op-Art Enlightenment via album covers

Back when it was still fashionable to have band stickers on the back of your car I home-brewed up a Spectrum sticker using the back design of the “How You Satisfy Me” single. It’s a cool op-art design and later … Continue reading

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Separated At Birth, Part VI

Oskar Fischinger’s film Radio Dynamics Colliding black holes as visualized at NASA

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Things I Like – “I Skipped February & March” April 2006 doubleplusgood edition

1. The online collection of the journal Design from 1965 through 1974. 2. Ansel Adams’ photos of Los Angeles. In any case I was running a search in the Los Angeles Public Library’s immense online collection of photographs when something … Continue reading

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