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The 21st Century, Week 820

RIP Martin Milner. Famous for Adam 12, but once played an assassin on an episode of Route 66 that was supposed to air on November 22, 1963 but was pre-empted by the JFK assassination. Russian bears treat graveyards as ‘giant … Continue reading

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Separated At Birth, Part XVII

Japan Ministry of Defense’s spherical flying machine Chris Knight’s “Filed under ‘H’ for toy” flyer from Real Genius

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Separated At Birth, Part XIV

Soap bubbles photographed at 150x (as seen in Discover Magazine’s “Far Out: The Most Psychedelic Images in Science” gallery) Wassily Kandinsky’s Several Circles

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Brain Surgery Banjo

Bluegrass musician Eddie Adcock has been afflicted with tremors that affect his banjo playing. Brain surgery is the logical treatment, but you want to be able to check to see if you’re working in the areas causing the tremors without … Continue reading

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Shining a torch in the dark crevices of the Uncanny Valley

“There Will Come Soft Rains” is one of the few pieces of fiction that can still give me a category 5 case of disturbed unsettlement. This video comes pretty damn close. Thanks Sterling! Yeesh… [youtube][/youtube] I wonder if those guys … Continue reading

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Model Arms Race

I used to joke that the SRL/Make Magazine crowd would rule the Earth after World War III, but after seeing this radio controlled missile transport and launcher in action I’m not going to joke about them anymore. Obviously they need … Continue reading

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Bambi vs. Godzilla vs. Super Mario vs. Homer vs…

I haven’t looked into the emulation / 8-bit world for a long time… Most of my gaming time has been limited to short runs of MAME OS X (finally a universal version!) and that’s about it. I don’t understand how … Continue reading

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Social Network Fatigue

Irritating side effect of Web 2.1 tech developments: I’m using “quartzcity” (or some variation) everywhere as my online name, so now whenever something new shows up on the web I’m obliged to immediately register to prevent someone else from grabbing … Continue reading

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Optimus Mini Three

The Optimus Mini Three looks kinda cool – a three button keyboard with tiny organic LCD screens as the buttons. Sure it’s gimmicky, but it, er, pushes all the correct nerd buttons. If I had one though (and this is … Continue reading

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Anti-Spam Doomsday Machine

I believe I’ve said this before but the best way to fight spam, whether it’s email spam, comment spam, or trackback spam, is to shut down your server for a couple days. Take that!

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