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The 21st Century, Week 820

RIP Martin Milner. Famous for Adam 12, but once played an assassin on an episode of Route 66 that was supposed to air on November 22, 1963 but was pre-empted by the JFK assassination. Russian bears treat graveyards as ‘giant … Continue reading

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Weekly Links: March 16 – March 22

White+ at Los Globos last week: A 26-Story History of San Francisco: a psychosocial history of the former Pacific Bell building at 140 New Montgomery in San Francisco A short history of the Public Storage building on Beverly & Virgil. … Continue reading

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Black Foie Gras Flag

I believe the black bars iconography is now officially played out. (spotted on the corner of Wilshire and Western)

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“It didn’t bother you to see the world tiny and unprotected, surrounded by darkness?”

(this was initially an ILX post and then I expanded it to Metafilter post, but it still needed some proof reading so I’m reposting it here. Plus I want it here in case the other sites disappear) In a recent … Continue reading

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Eau de Moron

Forwarded without comment from Evan Dorkin… In the new Previews catalog there are listings for two fragrances (scents, perfumes, useless smelly liquids in chintzy bottles, whatever the fuck you want to call them), based on the works of Neil Gaiman. … Continue reading

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Duty Now For The Future

Following from my snark about the Buried Belvedere (which on second glance looks like it had been smothered in batter and deep-fried for fifty years), Jonson challenged me to pick out five items from today that I want to preserve … Continue reading

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Gluttony On The (Assisted) March

Countdown to when someone coins the term “douchebuggies” for these slugs in T minus 5, 4, 3… LAS VEGAS, Nevada (AP) — There’s lazy, and then there’s Las Vegas lazy. In increasing numbers, Las Vegas tourists exhausted by the four … Continue reading

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Roar of masses = farts, etc.

Yeah, it’s been linked to by everyone, but Jason Scott’s “The Great Failure of Wikipedia” is a great piece of internet sociology that supersedes the usual knee-jerk “gee, online people suck” that you see on message boards, mailing lists, newsgroups, … Continue reading

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The Grunion Gazette discovers Wi-Fi

Local Long Beach newspaper the Grunion Gazette realizes that it’s 2005 and discovers public-access Wi-Fi spots. Hilariously, they illustrate the article with a picture of Yours Truly (on the left) and an all-too appropriate quote: Enh. “Other people” in coffee … Continue reading

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Wheeling, West Virginia

What struck me first about Wheeling was what I didn’t see. No Wal-Mart, no pawn or check cashing shops. Barely any strip malls. No obvious attempts at last-ditch downtown redevelopment. Almost like a cloak of invisibility descended over the city … Continue reading

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