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Rugby Font In Space!

As a Gerry Anderson fan, I highly approve of this use of Rugby Font! [via Space 1970]

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“It didn’t bother you to see the world tiny and unprotected, surrounded by darkness?”

(this was initially an ILX post and then I expanded it to Metafilter post, but it still needed some proof reading so I’m reposting it here. Plus I want it here in case the other sites disappear) In a recent … Continue reading

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The Perfect Billboard

The Perfect Billboard. Eggshell white with romalian type. Nice. Raised lettering, a subtle 7 inch bone border, and just look at the tasteful thickness of the headline. All perched on four evenly spaced 3.2 metre powder coated stanchions. My god, … Continue reading

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At the sign post up ahead

Fifty years ago today: I can confidentially state that Twilight Zone has been more of an influence on me than any other bit of pop culture. It’s also one of the first television programs I can remember watching. Some kids … Continue reading

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Things I Like – August (it’s been three years since the last one) 2009 edition

1. Bruce Sterling’s closing talk at Reboot 11. First half is the standard Sterling mix of favela chic, distrust of hairshirt environmentalism, and what the next ten years is going to look like. The talk’s last half is a practical … Continue reading

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CKB via Mad Men Yourself

Everyone else was doing it… Not surprisingly, I’d be a coffee-swilling beatnik.

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Separated At Birth, Part X

The sound of radio emissions from Saturn (listen here) The closing credits to the television show U.F.O.

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And that’s the way it is…

R.I.P. One of my first memories (I was three years old at the time) is watching this live.

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Watching The World Go By

Like a lot of other people, I first ran across DISH Earth as a mysterious channel next to NASA TV. OK – it’s a picture of the Earth from space. Sure the timecode was changing every 15 seconds, but not … Continue reading

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104 E. Providencia, Burbank

What it looked like in 1964: And what it looked like today in 2009: Hemmings Auto Blog has the rundown on the sports car and dune buggy connections to the original U.S.S. Enterprise.

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