A Limbo, A Way Station

Momentum has been in such sort supply that even acknowledging the scarcity takes a draining amount of effort. I’m relating hard to what Chris D. succinctly posted to Instagram in October:

Feeling an emotional exhaustion I cannot recall ever feeling before. But maybe that’s just being overdramatic. Even though I have had anywhere from 1 to 4 days of fairly continuous work each week since the beginning of the month (here at home), the rest of my days and nights are filled with equivocation with myself, poised between inertia and still feeling constrained by covid. It feels as if I’m in a limbo, a way station (I guess we all are, though, to some degree.) But one feeling that really bothers me is my reticence to follow through on phone calls and messages. Nothing to do with the people at all so much as my feeling of no longer being able to communicate about even the most mundane of matters, unless mandated by outside work. I feel somehow relieved if I return even one phone call or text or email in what most people would consider a timely manner. I’m posting this not out of the need to make excuses, but to explain to people I may not be getting back to as quickly as I should. It’s really beyond procrastination or depression or despair, but more like my psyche is purposely blanking the slate. Although my psyche is not doing a particularly good job of it.

Chris D. on Instagram

If I had to pick one word that delineates the past year it would be this one: “exhaustion.” Nervous apologies to everyone I’ve ghosted on.

Episode 021

Track Listing:

  1. Coyle & Sharpe – “Armored Attack” – The Absurd Imposters [00:03]
  2. Isolation Society – “Hunting Party” – Isolation Society [03:36]
  3. Automatic – “Damage” – Signal [07:35]
  4. UV-TV – “Gold” – Happy [09:52]
  5. Katatonic – “Heatwave” – Katatonic [13:01]
  6. The Grabbeltons – “Make Love” – Inflation 7″ [15:40]
  7. Altin Gün – “Leyla” – Gece [18:56]
  8. ShitKid – “Feels Like The Movies” – Duo Limbo [22:10]
  9. J.P. Shilo – “Mechanical Man” – Invisible You [25:00]
  10. L’Épée – “Lou” – Diabolique [29:02]
  11. Fenella – “Transfiguration Into One” – Inspired by the Marcel Jankovics’ film Fehérlófia [32:41]
  12. Windy & Carl – “Crossing Over” – Allegiance and Conviction [35:09]
  13. Hymnambulae – “Totemdjur” – Nausikaa [40:58]
  14. VUM – “Psychic Wind” – Psychotropic Jukebox [45:52]
  15. Roy Montgomery & Kirk Lake – “London Is Swinging By His Neck” – London Is Swinging By His Neck 7″ [48:13]
  16. Bonnie Dobson – “Winter’s Going” – Bonnie Dobson [53:53]
  17. Purple Pilgrims – “I’m Not Saying” – Perfumed Earth [56:31]
  18. Outrageous Cherry – “What Have You Invented Today?” – Our Love Will Change The World [01:01:04]

2019 in shows

Some (but not all) of the shows I saw in 2019:

LP at The Observatory, Santa Ana
LP – Jan 25, The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA

Le Butcherettes - Marty's On Newport, Tustin
Le Butcherettes – Feb 5, Marty’s On Newport, Tustin, CA

ShitKid - Zebulon, Los Angeles
ShitKid – Mar 8, Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets – Mar 17, Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Bush Tetras - Bowery Electric, New York
Bush Tetras – Apr 20, Bowery Electric, New York, NY

Live Skull - Market Hotel, Brooklyn
Live Skull – Apr 25, Market Hotel, Brooklyn, NY

Bikini Kill – May 2, Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA

The Cactus Blossoms - The Troubadour, West Hollywood
The Cactus Blossoms – May 4, The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA

The Hives - The Observatory North Park
The Hives – May 29, The Observatory North Park, San Diego, CA

Sam Phillips - Largo at the Coronet, Los Angeles
Sam Phillips – Jun 6, Largo at the Coronet, Los Angeles, CA

This Is Not This Heat - Regent Theater, Los Angeles
This Is Not This Heat – Jul 25, The Regent Theater, Los Angeles, CA

Katatonic - The LEM HQ, Los Angeles
Katatonic – Sep 5, The LEM HQ, Los Angeles, CA

Stereolab - Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY
Stereolab – Sep 27, Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY

Seefeel - Echoplex, Los Angeles
Seefeel – Nov 3, Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA

The Raincoats – Nov 16, Mono, Glasgow, Scotland

Bauhaus - Hollywood Palladium
Bauhaus – Dec 1, Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA

X - Teragram Ballroom
X – Dec 19, Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA

Episode 020


  1. Helena Hauff – “Entropy Created You And Me” – Qualm [00:03]
  2. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – “Inundación” – De Facto [02:45]
  3. City Flanker – “Nucleon Curry” – Sound Without Time [06:09]
  4. Dream Can – “In The Rickety Time” – Into Sparks [11:17]
  5. Paradoxical Babel – “Middle Class” – Swamp Surfing in Memphis [16:36]
  6. Khana Bierbood – “Bad Trip” – Strangers From The Far East [20:26]
  7. The Jack Cades – “Run Paulie Run” – Run Paulie Run 7″ [23:46]
  8. Say Sue Me – “B Lover” – Where We Were Together [26:33]
  9. Danielle Dax – “Brimstone in a Barren Land” – Dark Adapted Eye [29:24]
  10. Fåglar I Bur – “Öppen Inbjudan” – Platt / Öppen Inbjudan 7″ [33:50]
  11. Default – “Moon Plate” – California Nebula [36:39]
  12. Piroshka – “Hated by the Powers That Be” – Brickbat [44:50]
  13. Le Butcherettes – “dressed/IN A MATTER OF SPEECH” – bi/MENTAL [50:17]
  14. Alphastone – “Narcosis Stereo” – Stereophonic Pop Art Music [54:45]

Large quantity of XB-70 & F-104N artifacts found

Google Earth updated their imagery of the Mojave desert in 2018 and aviation archeologists have been making some incredible finds. Some members of the Wreckchasing message board tracked down the initial impact point of the famous XB-70 & F-104N midair collision from 1966 and found pieces still sitting out in the desert fifty years later.

Sam Parker is an aviation enthusiast and an expert Google Earth imagery specialist. He was able to answer the question about where the debris from the initial impact came down. He has spent hundreds of hours viewing Google Earth images to determine the trace marks left behind from aircraft accidents. Google Earth updated their imagery of the Mojave Desert in 2018 and for the first time details emerged that revealed that something may have been forgotten in the desert from the 1966 accident more than 50 years ago. As previously confirmed, a piece of gleaming metal debris as small as one square foot in size or even smaller can be found using Google Earth if the sun angle at the time of the image is just right. Aluminum can show up in an image as a white pixelated area against a darker background. It just so happened that the updated Google Earth imagery of the Mojave Desert area in question was updated when the sky was clear and the sun angle was just right. Sam scanned and scrutinized the imagery looking for those telltale glimmering pixels in the images. They could be glistening quartz rocks or they could be pieces of aluminum that had fallen there long ago. There was no way to be sure of what the white pixels were without boots on the ground to confirm them. The problem was that there were literally hundreds of white pixel targets that needed to be checked out in the area of interest.

Sam methodically plotted the target coordinates and then plotted the best routes to get to them. On his own initiative and all by himself, Sam drove out into the vast unknown desert wilderness to see what the white pixel targets were. After cresting a small hill and searching through the sage brush, Sam came upon a large piece of white painted aircraft aluminum. Sam turned the piece over and it revealed honeycomb construction and part numbers confirming that it was from the North American XB-70. Sam had done the seemingly impossible; he had discovered one of the largest pieces of the historic XB-70 Valkyrie since 1966 and made history!

Report on the recovery [PDF link].

Film of the accident:

XB-70 pilot Al White talks about his career, the collision, and the life of a test pilot during a long interview recorded in 1979. (From the Royal Aeronautical Society podcast):