Checking in with Philip K. Dick

He’s buried with his twin sister at Riverside Cemetery in Fort Morgan, CO. The story is that Phil & Jane were born prematurely as their parents were on their way west from Chicago to California. Jane never made it. The loss underpins much of his creative work and the subsequent anger, blame, and self-analysis hangs over his background like an oily fog.

The town has a PKD festival now.

Philip K. Dick's grave

Someone left a robot button on top.

Robot Button

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On the road: Colorado

Cliff Palace

I’d like to believe that the WPA artist who made the figurines intentionally made one who’s just sick of everyone’s shit.

Diorama native-american is sick of this s***

Burned forest at Mesa Verde.

Burned trees

Mancos, Colorado

Despite the weed rush, it’s still the Rockies.

Free Hunting Rifle

Black Canyon





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On the road: Arizona

Grand Canyon

*takes a deep breath and then in my best R. Lee Ermey voice*

As an American and more importantly as a goddamn human being I COMMAND you to visit your National Park System and experience things that are bigger and more important than you are.


We don’t know much except that they were from Japan, they were deaf, and instantly struck a pose.


Elmo questions his life choices in the 90+ sun at the South Rim.

Visitor Center


I’m serious about that command. The NPS sells an annual “America the Beautiful” pass that gets you and all of your passengers into all the national parks, monuments, everywhere. And the $80 is cheaper than whatever bullshit festival you’re going to burn it on.

*R. Lee out*


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4379 miles later


As always, the idea is to avoid interstate highways whenever possible.

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X Night at Dodger Stadium

Exene of X throws out the first pitch at the August 16 Dodger game…

(the ballpark organ version of “Blue Spark” is great)

…and John Doe sings the national anthem.

(Billy & DJ were there too)

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Even the crop circles have sold out

NEWS UPDATE 12-08-2017:
Streetwear brand Supreme invited us to create their box logo as a massive 300ft wide crop circle at a secret location somewhere in California… more information to follow.

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Owning the means of production

I just assassinated all of my social media accounts. All of them. The corpses of my Twitter and Facebook profiles remain out on the field until I sort things out here.

I’m keeping Flickr around because I like using it as a photo host but can anyone convince me that it’ll be there this time next year? How about in three years?

I’ve long advocated that everyone should own the means of production and it’s time to put this into practice.

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Episode #016


Quartz City Podcast Episode #016

  1. The Sound – “Winter” – [00:03]
  2. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Throbbing Gristle” – [04:19]
  3. Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – “Sanity” – [09:52]
  4. The Black Angels – “I’d Kill For Her” – [13:40]
  5. Flipper – “Get Away” – [17:13]
  6. The Dream Syndicate – “Armed With An Empty Gun” – [19:54]
  7. Le A – “Deus” – [25:30]
  8. Neutral – “År” – [30:26]
  9. J.P. Shilo – “Paris Air” – [34:00]
  10. Roy Montgomery – “Dear Future Loser” – [37:37]
  11. Flyying Colours – “Wavy Gravy” – [43:28]
  12. The Telescopes – “Suicide” – [46:56]
  13. King Loser – “You Follow” – [54:52]
  14. La Luz – “Sleep Til They Die” – [59:04]
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If not I’ll meet you on the Carrizo Plain

If you’re anywhere in Southern California right now, drop everything and road trip out to the Carrizo Plain. The superbloom from the winter rains is indeed once-in-a-lifetime and you owe it to yourself to discover your inner Ferdinand.

Tejon Pass poppies

Carrizo Plain wildflowers

Carrizo Plain wildflowers

Carrizo Plain wildflowers

Carrizo Plain wildflowers

The yellow flowers are Coreopsis better known as tickseed.

Carrizo Plain

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Recently watched Morgan Spurlock’s Rats documentary. Highly recommended


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