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My junior high school went on a trip to a nuclear power plant in the 1970s and all I got was some souvenir borosilicate glass

I can’t get away with saying that I “grew up in the shadow of nuclear power,” but if you were a kid growing up in south Orange County during the 1970s you probably went on a field trip to the … Continue reading

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45 Years

One of the stranger photos to surface over the years… In the front, holding the plate of food: John Wayne. Standing in the back: Lee Harvey Oswald I don’t quite want to be the person to write Weird Orange County, … Continue reading

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UC Irvine, Wednesday afternoon

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UC Irvine Utility Tunnel tour

So after nearly twenty years of being around UC Irvine as either a student or staff member, I finally got to check out the utility tunnels underneath the campus. Yes I took pictures.

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San Clemente Stepford Wives

While scanning photos over the past couple of days I ran across this article I clipped out of the Orange County Register. It’s from 1994, but it’s just as applicable now even nine years later. Careful reading as it may … Continue reading

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Orange County, China

File this in the “just when you think things couldn’t get more surreal” folder. ORANGE COUNTY, China — An hour’s drive north of Beijing, on an icy country road lined by fields and populated by trucks and sheep, the landscape … Continue reading

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