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The Grand Prix of 1973

Spotted on the Hemmings blog: 1973 Grand Prix: The first Pontiac I ever drove. The first Pontiac I ever drove was my brother’s ’67 G.T.O., but a ’73 Grand Prix was the first car I ever owned. Here it is … Continue reading

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The Ring

One more car video for now. The Nürburgring in Germany is one of the most feared and challenging tracks in the world. Andreas Gülden is the chief instructor of the ‘Ring’s driving school. Ride along with him for a lap … Continue reading

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This Car Climbed Mt. Washington

David Higgins lowers the driving record up Mt. Washington by nine seconds. Bottom to top in a mind-croggling 6 minutes 11 seconds. Ride along in HD:

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Where life took him

Spotted in Los Angeles.

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104 E. Providencia, Burbank

What it looked like in 1964: And what it looked like today in 2009: Hemmings Auto Blog has the rundown on the sports car and dune buggy connections to the original U.S.S. Enterprise.

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Revisiting Miss Belvedere

Hemmings Motor News visits “Miss Belvedere,” the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere that was buried in a Tulsa time capsule for fifty years and unearthed in 2007 to a Internet-full of snark who joked about the pile of toxic rust and the … Continue reading

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Some families were Oldsmobile families. Others were Ford. For us it was the three-headed triumvirate of Chrysler, Jaguar, and Ford Truck. There were a couple of exceptions to this rule: my sister’s first car was a 1960 Pontiac Catalina. And … Continue reading

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Tesla In The Wild

Driving northbound up the Glendale freeway for lunch today and caught a glimpse of a dark shape silently WHOOSHING past me. Caught up with it just in time to take a picture. Last year I saw a black Tesla parked … Continue reading

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Cars In Barns revisited

It’s one of those modern myths you always hear rumors about but never really see in action. Someone has a Les Paul goldtop hidden under a bed for forty years or there’s an old barn out back that has a … Continue reading

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California license plate aesthetics

Franklin Avenue notes that California license place numbering has incremented up to 6xxxyyy style numbers. Not necessarily a big deal itself, but there’s a greater question that has remained unanswered and it’s something that’s been nagging me for years. I’m … Continue reading

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