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Retrofuturism: The Car Designs of J Mays

Didn’t realize this was going on up at MOCA, but I am so there. Mays is the designer of the New Beetle and the Thunderbird and the MOCA exhibition marks the first time a car designer has been featured in … Continue reading

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Ferrari’s red paint to fly to space

Civilization may crumble, but Ferrari’s famous “Rosso Corsa” red paint will endure – on Mars. Representative of Rolls-Royce and Mercedes Benz were unavailable for comment on if they plan to send their distinctive hood ornaments into space. [via David Harris’ … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of AAA

Like a lot of folks, I belong to AAA and yes, they’ve bailed me out on more than one occasion. I’ve always considered them to be one of the cheerful good guys – a sort of throwback to old days … Continue reading

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Cross-country road tripping in 1937

In 1937, Paul Nagai’s grandmother drove cross-country and kept a detailed photo-journal of the trip. Today, the amazing journal is up on the web. This reminds me about one long-term project I need to pick back up – a journal … Continue reading

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Recent photolog from the Demster Highway to Inuvik and back

Cool set of photos taken last month by a traveller driving up the Demster Highway, past the Arctic Circle, to Inuvik and back.

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Quote of the Week: GM’s Bob Lutz on new car designs

I just love this quote: Most famously, he [Lutz] scorned towering, angular, plastic-clad vehicles as looking “like a whole family of angry kitchen appliances: demented toasters, furious bread machines and vengeful trash compactors.” [via FARK]

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Volkswagen’s hyperfuturistic concept car

It gets 100km/l and looks like a dead-ringer for Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion car. The automated gearbox is coupled to a start-stop system, which includes a freewheel function. In overrun mode, the vehicle switches the engine off. The vehicle then rolls … Continue reading

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