Some families were Oldsmobile families. Others were Ford. For us it was the three-headed triumvirate of Chrysler, Jaguar, and Ford Truck. There were a couple of exceptions to this rule: my sister’s first car was a 1960 Pontiac Catalina.

And then there was this… My first car: a 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix – the last gasp of a model that none other than John DeLorean was responsible for.

1973 Pontiac Grand Prix

1973 Pontiac Grand Prix

I still maintain that if the current G8 was called the Grand Prix or the Bonneville, Pontiac would have sold a lot more. Since the G8 was rebadged Holden, GM ignored it with the worst case of Not Invented Here Syndrome ever even if Holden had a better conception of what consititutes a traditional American car than GM did. Maybe it’s the cultural memory of Mad Max movies…

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