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Another homebrew BMW

Unlike the 7-series convertible, this 5-series pickup truck spotted in Glendale doesn’t look it’s going to kill the occupants in a crash.

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Buried Belvedere

It looks like the big unveiling of the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere time capsule in Tulsa went awry today because of an accumulated 50 years of water damage. I’ll try to avoid making some obvious jokes at the expense of Tulsa, … Continue reading

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Biometric uselessness and security theater

Lorna of Lornamatic attempted to purchase a new BMW and encountered a Catch-22 of identity uselessness and privacy holes. She was requested to submit a thumbprint along with copies of her personal data, but none of it is checked for … Continue reading

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Cars In Barns

One of those days, they’re going to fix them up. No, really. This Challenger R/T has been sitting in this same spot for 12 years or more. The owner will not sell and says he will fix it up someday. … Continue reading

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Things I Like – August 2006 “New Blog” edition

1. John Fitch. What do you do after you’ve been a P-51 fighter pilot, competed and won the Mille Miglia, and invented the “yellow barrel” crash drums you see on freeway interchanges. Go for a class speed record at Bonneville … Continue reading

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The South African Riviera

Audi has some fun with a speed camera in South Africa, but what I zeroed in on is that fantastic 1972 Buick Riviera boattail merrily cruising along. I used to own a 1972 Riviera years ago and I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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Things I Like – “I Skipped December” January 2006 edition

1. Aaron Koblin’s “Flight Patterns” – alternative visualizations of US air traffic.   2. Op-Art artist Bridget Riley   3. The iPod edition of the Yule Log   4. The second wave of retrocars, especially the concepts for the Dodge … Continue reading

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What I Like (November 2005)

1. The Fall on “Later with Jools Holland.” I kinda liked Holland way back when he was the snarky new wave guy that would randomly show up on MTV’s old “IRS’ The Cutting Edge,” but now he an old smug … Continue reading

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New Car

About that new car I mentioned awhile back… It’s a new 2004 Ford Thunderbird. I’ve been in love with them since that J Mays show awhile back and what with Ford discontinuing them this year, what the hey? Now to … Continue reading

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9 Recent Obituaries You May Have Missed

William Donaldson a.k.a. Henry Root: His obit in the Telegraph might be one of the best things I’ve read all year. Lesley Smith: One half of the Lesney partnership that produced Matchbox Cars, the classy die cast cars which were … Continue reading

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