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Welcome home traveler…

…a volcano has erupted in the town next door.

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X Night at Dodger Stadium

Exene of X throws out the first pitch at the August 16 Dodger game… (the ballpark organ version of “Blue Spark” is great) …and John Doe sings the national anthem. (Billy & DJ were there too)

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A rare display of public celebration this Thursday

  My birthday is this Thursday and shocker – I’m celebrating it publicly. Come by the H.M.S. Bounty sometime between 8 and 11, have a drink, have a steak, but more importantly say hi and hang out.

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Weekly Links: March 16 – March 22

White+ at Los Globos last week: A 26-Story History of San Francisco: a psychosocial history of the former Pacific Bell building at 140 New Montgomery in San Francisco A short history of the Public Storage building on Beverly & Virgil. … Continue reading

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I recently became friends with a peregrine falcon

I just started working inside one of the tall office buildings on Wilshire Blvd and soon learned that one of the building’s peregrine falcons likes to hang out on the ledge outside the server room. Supposedly there’s a pair of … Continue reading

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There it was. We took it.

The Cascades of the Los Angeles Aqueduct.

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And the weekend forecast is: heavy torrents of stellar plasma followed by supernova on Sunday.

Weather application interfaces must be a basic problem that all intermediate-level UI-folks have to solve. There’s a wide-range of precise numerical data, but transmuting that data into a quick, non-quantitive “how is it going to feel?” seems difficult to do … Continue reading

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CIA’s 24 hour towing service

Bet you didn’t know the CIA offered 24 hour towing services… Don’t bother calling, they already know where you are. I wonder if they offer a professional courtesy discount for other agents.

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Echo Mountain

I’ve been wanting to hike the Mt. Lowe trail ever since I first heard about the ruins of the Echo Mountain House and the Mt. Lowe railway but hadn’t had a chance to get around to it until last week. … Continue reading

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Mt. Thom

Mt. Thom is at the southern end of the Verdugo Mountains and lurks over Glendale, Atwater, etc. I got tired of staring at it, so I hiked up to the top a couple weeks ago.

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