Cars In Barns

One of those days, they’re going to fix them up. No, really.


This Challenger R/T has been sitting in this same spot for 12 years or more. The owner will not sell and says he will fix it up someday. This should be our state’s saying. Don’t know much about the car except it is going to waste and it is a shame.

Sometimes there’s more to the backstory


Here is a 70 4-speed Roadrunner found dying on a farm in Concord, NC. car was last running in 1989. Owner says it belonged to his son that was in the Air Force that was killed in a freak auto accident in 1990. Engine had locked up. Car has major rust inside floors and trunk. Quarters are shot, battery has leaked acid and completely rotted the inner fender. Doors are the only thing worth something because they are not rotted. Not for sale. Just a memorial soon to go back to the soil it came from. It was a B5 Blue with blue interior.

Author: Chris Barrus

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6 thoughts on “Cars In Barns”

  1. thats a GTX not a roadrunner GTXs have the stripes on the side Roadrunners have dust trails going down the sides…

  2. the 70 roadrunner is a true 383 4spd is no longer sitting in concord nc it is now in dallas or being rebuild from the ground needs new floor pans ,trunk pans quarter panels. basically it needs everything it had been striped of all interior the motor and tranny are gone. atleast its not going to waste.

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