Tesla In The Wild

Driving northbound up the Glendale freeway for lunch today and caught a glimpse of a dark shape silently WHOOSHING past me. Caught up with it just in time to take a picture.

Tesla roadster in the wild

Last year I saw a black Tesla parked in the Century City mall parking lot, but this is the first I’ve seen on the road.

Author: Chris Barrus

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2 thoughts on “Tesla In The Wild”

  1. I can beat that, I’ve seen an Aptera ( http://www.aptera.com/ ), running down El Camino Real more than once. I guess their plant is here in Carlsbad somewhere. Pretty cool looking, I heard they might not get funding from the gub’mint because it’s a 3-wheel vehicle, I wonder why not just drag a bicycle wheel like they used to do on test cars?

  2. Yeah, I think three-wheelers (or maybe it’s vehicles with one drive wheel?) fall under the motorcycle category and falls outside of funding.

    The Apteras are pretty cool!

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