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Musicians Versus Game Shows

John Cale on I’ve Got A Secret in 1963. Frank Zappa (and his Stare Of Death) on Make Me Laugh in 1978. Oingo Boingo on The Gong Show in 1976. They win too!

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Irrational Hatred #1 – The Dirt logo

I have zero opinion on Courtney Cox and the show Dirt, but if FX promotion is going to plaster that poster all over my city then I’m going to pound on this. Please, please, please come up with a better … Continue reading

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Merv Griffin!

R.I.P. A sad day for Botany 500 and game show fans like me. Also, credit is due for inspiring one of the greatest one page comics ever…

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You disappoint me Ramsay

Mildmannered Top Gear presenter James May is challenged in a culinary manliness test by blowhard chef Gordon Ramsay. Hilarity ensues. [youtube][/youtube] 1. When in Iceland, stay away (preferably several rooms away) from the Hákarl. 2. Go Captain Slow!

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Schrödinger’s Capo

(Sorry Erwin.) A mobster is a Jersey diner at night with his family and a plate of onion rings. Also in the diner are potentially one or more Enemies. Over the course of dinner the mobster may recognize an Enemy, … Continue reading

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Jose Chung Now In Outer Space

R.I.P. [youtube][/youtube] Fave Match Game episode out of many: Reilly frustrates Gene Rayburn so much that Rayburn sits down and make Reilly host the show. [youtube][/youtube]

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This Is A Box…

I was in the UK in 1973 and when I wasn’t running around the elevators in the old Regent Palace (hey, I was eight years old! pushing all the buttons in the elevator is required behavior) I was fascinated by … Continue reading

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The biggest innovation to occur since In A Gadda Da Vida hit the charts just 14 short years ago

R.I.P. Calvert DeForest. Two things I didn’t know. 1. His great uncle was inventor Lee De Forest. 2. He was still alive. I somehow thought that he had passed away awhile back. Some obligatory YouTube clips: Passing out hot towels … Continue reading

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Five Fantastic Opening Credits

1. NBC Mystery Movie [youtube]irzPpu9IbNI[/youtube] 2. I Spy [youtube]Mmyk3taZmFM[/youtube] 3. Project U.F.O. [youtube]yVVADz0Afss[/youtube] 4. Department S [youtube]BENjyyiP8tk[/youtube] 5. U.F.O. [youtube]IY_yNbJFP2c[/youtube] See Main Title Heaven for more.

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Ephemeral stuff that was worth more than a mere link

New Zealand is droning! And it’s not just the Dead C and those nutty Flying Nun guys, but a VLF buzz not to dissimilar from the Taos Hum that was bothering everyone years back. Winston Moseley was denied parole early … Continue reading

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