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Black Foie Gras Flag

I believe the black bars iconography is now officially played out. (spotted on the corner of Wilshire and Western)

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November and December

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The past couple of weeks

To summarize…

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Nothing beats the taste sensation when maple syrup collides with ham

Ladies and gentlemen, the infamous bacon doughnuts from the Nickel Diner in Los Angeles. Agent Cooper would be proud.

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Silver Lake’s Back Door Bakery getting kicked out

Goddamnit… Our last day will Sunday, January 13th, 2008. We’ve been at 1710 Silver Lake Blvd since 2001 [they mean 1991 -CKB]– going on seventeen years! We’ve been in business since 1989 – almost twenty years! Feels like twenty minutes. … Continue reading

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McConnell’s Turkish Coffee

We interrupt our participation in Anti-NaBloPoMo (a negative space to counter the posting NaBloPoMo hordes) for the following announcement: Scientists working feverishly in the Quartz City labs have reached a critical objective proof. This is The Best Ice Cream in … Continue reading

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Feed a cold, feed a fever, feed whatever ails you

I’m not much of a hamburger eater these days, but when I have a cold all I want to eat are hamburgers. Full-on king hell gravity-well craving. Specifically I’m looking for a burger from an extra hot grill that has … Continue reading

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You disappoint me Ramsay

Mildmannered Top Gear presenter James May is challenged in a culinary manliness test by blowhard chef Gordon Ramsay. Hilarity ensues. [youtube][/youtube] 1. When in Iceland, stay away (preferably several rooms away) from the Hákarl. 2. Go Captain Slow!

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I was just finishing up this post about Montrose when I noticed Atwater Village Newbie posting about it today too. And yeah – unlike the morass of dubious “Old Town [name of city]” downtown revitalizations around LA county, Montrose has … Continue reading

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The Hot Dog Show

The Hot Dog Show of Toluca Lake (as seen in the original 1956 Invasion Of The Body Snatchers) And how it looks now. It’s called Papoo’s Hot Dog Show now, but it’s still standing at the corner of Rose and … Continue reading

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