McConnell’s Turkish Coffee

We interrupt our participation in Anti-NaBloPoMo (a negative space to counter the posting NaBloPoMo hordes) for the following announcement: Scientists working feverishly in the Quartz City labs have reached a critical objective proof. This is The Best Ice Cream in the Known World…

McConnell's Turkish Coffee ice cream

Fosselman’s makes a damn fine ice cream, and to be honest – any of their ice creams handily trounce most available options. Three out of four times I’m ready to make that drive out to Alhambra, but sometimes you want something that is so over-the-top ridiculous that it’ll make Coldstone cower in fear and give fever dreams to Red Bull drinkers. Enter McConnell’s Turkish Coffee. Pull off the lid and you’re confronted with, well, something that looks like a soiled ash tray.

McConnell's Turkish Coffee inside

Yes those are ground espresso beans in there.

This is not an attempt to generate some nerdfury. McConnell’s Turkish Coffee is the Best Ice Cream in the Known World. Full stop. I challenge some of the other worlds out there to come up with something better.

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10 Responses to McConnell’s Turkish Coffee

  1. Jason says:

    Nate and Jason making White Mountain Coffee Ice Cream. Especially if we let the coffee steep a bit longer than usual and Nate wrung that cheesecloth just that extra bit.

  2. Matt M. says:

    Most people don’t have access to a time machine…

  3. Jonathan says:

    CKB, you live relatively near to a Strickland’s (the one in Irvine), and I am pretty much positive that THEY, in fact, make the best ice cream in the known world. Seriously, do yourself a favor & check it out.

  4. Jason says:

    Chris didn’t state a time frame. He just said best ice cream in the known world. And he did say “some of the other worlds” Wouldn’t that imply other time dimensions? (Yes, I’m being a complete pedantic nerd)I’m willing to accept a statement from him that says it’s the best one currently existing.

    Does Strickland’s do ice cream now? They used to do only custard. I was relatively unimpressed with their custard when they first came out while everyone was raving about it. But any excuse to try ice cream is welcome.

  5. Chris Barrus says:

    If only White Mountain was still around…

    (BTW Jonathan, I live in the Mid-Wilshire area. Haven’t lived in Irvine since 1993)

  6. Jonathan says:

    Huh. I thought for sure you lived down in Orange County still. I will update my records accordingly!

    But seriously: get to Stricklands.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Oh, and Jason’s right, it’s closer to custard than ice cream (it’s a custard recipe, minus the eggs, which makes it sorta neither fish nor fowl). But Jason’s wrong about it being unimpressive. But he’s right about everyone raving about it. So, two rights, one wrong.

  8. Jason says:

    How can I be wrong when I think it’s unimpressive? It’s perfectly acceptable and correct to have a dissenting opinion. If you think it’s great, then good for you.

    I just don’t think what I tried, the frozen custard was the best in the world. It wasn’t creamy or rich enough for my taste. The flavor depth wasn’t deep enough either. Was it good? Sure. Was it the best? For me no. This is not a zero sum game. I never said my opinion was better than yours.

  9. Jason says:

    And not to get sidetracked by all this. Chris, have you ever tried Dr. Bob’s? Their dark chocolate is fantastic.

  10. Chris Barrus says:

    Actually, I had some Dr. Bob’s over lunch today at Frank’s in Montrose. Their Dark Chocolate is brilliant, but it’s so rich that I can’t take more than one scoop at a time. My Dr. Bob’s pick is usually Brown Sugar Pecan.

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