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Second front opens in the coffee war

2nd St. in Belmont Shore is under siege from two Starbucks – one at either end of town. There are some other coffee bars in town – a Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf and a couple of struggling indie shops … Continue reading

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The Mood At Davos

Cheerful reading about war, depression, anguished and jittery rich people from Pope-Emperor Sterling in the latest Viridian Note Y’know, folks, sometimes it’s a little disquieting to actually be living in a 1980s William Gibson novel.

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By the way, see you at the Blogosphere

See all you folks on Saturday night. Should be quite the critical mass event.

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Sociology of the mobile phone

This site has lots of links to online papers and publications on mobile phone sociology. [via Red Rock Eater]

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Goth psy-op campaign backfires

The Daily Record reports… ART gallery bosses tried to scare off gangs of Goths with classical music. But it backfired on them as the youngsters – fans of shock-rockers such as Marilyn Manson and Slipknot – discovered an unexpected taste … Continue reading

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Please say no to this

A post on the NYC Craig’s List is making the rounds… Ladies, Please help me in killing this phrase: “partner in crime”. Why? It’s un-funny, too precious, and it has become an awful cliche. What can you do to help? … Continue reading

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Escape to Tikiland

Immerse yourself in Tiki at this Polynesian-themed apartment building. Have you ever wished to live in a place where your neighbors appreciate a fine tiki carving, a rare tiki mug, classic exotica, a superbly mixed mai tai? Consider moving to … Continue reading

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The Moon Resort and Casino – Where the future begins tomorrow!

Straight off the pages of a Syd Mead or Robert McCall art book, The Moon is the next mega-hotel/casino planned for Las Vegas. Instant 1970s-era retrofuture! Where’s my back issues of Omni Magazine? I am so there. [via Boing Boing]

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What Protects the French From Heart Disease?

Science marches onward and takes another crack at the “French Paradox” – a term that doctors, nutritionists, and their like refer to the French diet paradox. The French eat fatty food, smoke, and drink more than other western country, yet … Continue reading

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The Color of Cool: All about blue LEDs

Much like how the 1990s were dominated by black consumer technology design (black stereos, black refrigerators, black clock radios, etc.), the first decade of the 21st century will be remembered as the decade of brushed metal and blue LEDs. The … Continue reading

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