Second front opens in the coffee war

2nd St. in Belmont Shore is under siege from two Starbucks – one at either end of town. There are some other coffee bars in town – a Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf and a couple of struggling indie shops but Belmont is pretty much under the yoke of the Starbucks tyranny.

Until today when I noticed the following sign going up on the building directly opposite one of the Starbucks. Finally for once, someone is going on the attack and locating their shop across from a Starbucks instead of the other way around.



I’m unbelievably happy that a Peet’s is going up here.

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3 Responses to Second front opens in the coffee war

  1. jawn pesusich says:

    I still think the four minute drive to Portfolio’s Art Gallery & Coffee on 4th

    & Junipero is much more worth the drive

    from Second Street.


  2. Chris Barrus says:

    I like Portfolio’s a lot, but it still just outside of walking distance for me. I usually stop there when I driving towards LA

  3. Chris Barrus says:

    And of course there’s Sacred Grounds in San Pedro and Plantation on Naples Island.

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