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Fischinger DVD finally!

Can we hear a hallelujah?! The Center For Visual Music is finally releasing a Oskar Fischinger DVD with ten of his films and some bonuses. Pre-orders are being accepted now…

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Center For Visual Music’s “Essential Visual Music: Rare Classics”

I’ve shouted at length here before about Oskar Fischinger, MOCA’s Visual Music exhibition, and the occasional program from the Center For Visual Music. CVM shows are kinda rare and extremely worthy. Well worth the effort to attend. Here are a … Continue reading

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links for 2006-09-11

Project Censored’s most censored stories 2006 (tags: politics news media) Marshal South – desert writer, prophet, nonconformist Odd story of a self-made malcontent who created a persona and dropped out of society to the middle of Anza-Borrego (tags: california desert … Continue reading

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Separated At Birth, Part VI

Oskar Fischinger’s film Radio Dynamics Colliding black holes as visualized at NASA

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Top most wanted DVD list of 2004

Two years ago I put together my top 10 list of movies that needed to be released on DVD and I think it’s time for an update. Of that initial list, The Monolith Monsters, Action In The North Atlantic, and … Continue reading

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