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My Bruce Sterling moment…

…going to a lecture about futurist city design and architecture inside a re-purposed wind tunnel owned by an art school while a brush fire threatens to burn the city down. Yet another good BLDGBLOG event though I wish there was … Continue reading

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Catching up on recent things

My alma mater UC Irvine has always had an odd image and self-esteem problem. Of course it doesn’t help when your campus has had problems with body snatchers, assault by radioactivity, a sign that cost more than some buildings, and … Continue reading

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The guy who commutes 372 miles daily from Mariposa to San Jose and back was one of those “sheesh, what a nut!” stories that turn up as the final stories on news broadcasts. Of course I should have known better … Continue reading

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Dubai’s Roach-Kaiju Hotel

Is it just me, or does the latest iteration of Donald Trump’s “Trump Tower Dubai” look like the larval-stage of some monster insect? As soon as it gestates long enough, the Trump Roach/Mantis kaiju will emerge – ready to do … Continue reading

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Hal and Reggie

I’m sad that Hal the coyote didn’t make it, but apparently his demise wasn’t altogether unexpected. I really want to watch Chico, The Misunderstood Coyote if I knew where the hell I could find a copy. Meanwhile, Reggie the alligator … Continue reading

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2005 in cities

Following from Kottke, here’s my 2005 in cities: Bisbee, AZ Burbank, CA Cedar Grove, NJ Clinton, OK Gonzales, LA Hattiesburg, MS somewhere on I-80, PA Knoxville, TN Laguna Beach, CA* Las Vegas, NV Long Beach, CA Marfa, TX New York, … Continue reading

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U-turns = Communism

I just started a new job in Rancho Santa Margarita – deep in the bowels of exurban Orange County and already I have a rant. Why can’t anyone make a u-turn in this burg? Not only do most intersections prohibit … Continue reading

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Traffic statistics as Sim City

While I’m not convinced that Visitorville is anything more than just a cool looking tech demo, it really is cool. View your web site traffic as a Sim City!

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Today in Long Beach

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Huge Bloated Rats

I was scanning photographs last night and ran across a newspaper clipping I picked up in New Jersey while I was on the 1994 “Loop The US” road trip. There is no urban decay like scary east coast urban decay.

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