Huge Bloated Rats

I was scanning photographs last night and ran across a newspaper clipping I picked up in New Jersey while I was on the 1994 “Loop The US” road trip. There is no urban decay like scary east coast urban decay.

Huge Bloated Rats

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  1. Nicholas Corwin says:

    Ah, this brings back memories of many a wonderfully dank, fetid midsummer night I spent in New York back in the late 1980s. I can vividly recall the Norway rats scuttling along the subway tracks. It’s estimated that they outnumber the human(oid) population by a ratio of at least 5:1. And the delightful piles of chicken bones in the gutter, alongside the crack phials, of course. Not to mention the roaches–what little devils they were–scurrying merrily along my bathroom sink whenever I flipped on the lights. Still, I do wonder whether California may be catching up. Even here in bucolic San Diego, there is righteous filth to be found; you just have to know where to troll for it. Start with the men’s rooms at a certain fine public institute of higher unlearning…

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