Op-Art Enlightenment via album covers

spectrum-howyousatisfyme.gifBack when it was still fashionable to have band stickers on the back of your car I home-brewed up a Spectrum sticker using the back design of the “How You Satisfy Me” single. It’s a cool op-art design and later Sonic printed up a t-shirt with it for the 2002 tour.

I always figured that the origin of it was some sort of “generic” op-art design from the sixties and sure enough, while hopping around on eBay I noticed this.
mindgames.jpg So it dates back to at least 1973. I’m sure that it’s something/someone famous that I should already be aware of but the archeology continues…

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  1. sirdrone says:

    Check out the virtual op-art on his splash page http://www.sonic-boom.info/ . You can email him through the site as well which you ought to do to ask him about that book. Did you get the oil filled package too? Sonic did some nice things with packaging and certainly with sound.

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