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Fischinger DVD finally!

Can we hear a hallelujah?! The Center For Visual Music is finally releasing a Oskar Fischinger DVD with ten of his films and some bonuses. Pre-orders are being accepted now…

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Survival Research Labs goes fishing

I can trace it to one specific point in space-time: 1984 at the old Music Machine on Pico Blvd. while waiting for Social Distortion to go on. In between sets the club dropped a screen down from the ceiling and … Continue reading

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Things I Like – “I Skipped December” January 2006 edition

1. Aaron Koblin’s “Flight Patterns” – alternative visualizations of US air traffic.   2. Op-Art artist Bridget Riley   3. The iPod edition of the Yule Log   4. The second wave of retrocars, especially the concepts for the Dodge … Continue reading

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That pesky Rugby font again

Years ago when I was spending much more time on the various Spacemen 3 pages I had up, I needed a copy of the font used for much of their album covers. I couldn’t find one, so I fired up … Continue reading

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Things I Like (May 2005)

1. The “op-art carnival vs. 1970s futurism” design aesthetic of Braniff Airlines. 2. The “Visual Music” exhibition at MOCA in Los Angeles. Don’t miss the companion book. 3. The ridiculously charming and catchy Volkswagen Jetta ad known as “Independence Day.” … Continue reading

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Go directly to this Flickr photoset of selections from the German graphic design mag Gebrauchsgraphik. Do it now, I’ll wait. [via The Cartoonist]  

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Things I Like (March 2005)

The March 2005 server explosion edition… 1. 95.3% of all the Dr. Demento shows online. 2. The SSI Industrial Shredder: When you absolutely positively need size reduction done right It’ll eat tree stumps, furniture, washing machines, and of course … Continue reading

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Things I Like (Feb 2005)

1. Zaha Hadid’s deisgn for the Bergisel Ski Jump in Austria. 2. Italian science-fiction magazine covers. 3. Brazilian album covers from the 1960s. 4. The mind-croggling critters of crank biologist and illustrator Ernst Haeckel. 5. Eurotrashy road trip quests. Probably … Continue reading

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R. Buckminster Fuller stamp

This new R. Buckminster Fuller stamp is so cool looking that I’ll stop paying bills online and go back to checks just so I can use it. It reminds me of a early 60s “new wave” science fiction book cover. … Continue reading

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Vintage Soviet Children’s Books

From a collection of Soviet children’s picture books from the Twenties and Thirties.

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