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Eastbound IV – Marfa TX

Come for the Giant locations, stay for the east-coast-art-meets-Texas collision. The CLUI’s report on Marfa covers everything in detail. The Hotel Paisano is pretty swoonworthy. The border patrol blimp (a.k.a. “tethered aerostat radar system“) west of town on US-90 is … Continue reading

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Eastbound II

Not shown: a HUGE golden eagle snacking on an antelope carcass on the shoulder of US-380 and the stretch of road cleanup sponsored by the “Ted Nugent Young Sportsmen.” Note to self: keep the camera on the passenger seat.

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Happy New Year!

France traditionally celebrates the new year by eating pancakes which may just be the best cultural tradition ever. The only thing I could add is “why stop at new years?” Anyway, happy new year folks!

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Eastbound cont.

“We’ve got provisions and lots of beer. The keyword is survival on the new frontier…”

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Driving 90 degrees south

The Moscow-Vladivostok Highway has barely been open a month and already folks are building a road to the South Pole. Opening date: 2006

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Russian Road Trip!

After conquering the Dalton Highway and the Pan-American Highway you might be ready for the Moscow-Vladivostok Highway. President Vladimir Putin opened a stretch of highway in Russia’s Far East that will make it possible for the first time to drive … Continue reading

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U.S. Route 666 – The Devil’s Highway

The Denver Post reports on the renumbering of U.S. Highway 666. It might be only a number, but it apparently scares off tourists, drivers, and economic development. More to the point: It’s a pretty involved process, and such requests are … Continue reading

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Bullitt locations then and now

Arguably, the city of San Francisco was as much of a star in Bullitt as Steve McQueen. Someone went through all the locations in the movie (along with the famous car chase) and took pictures of how they look now. … Continue reading

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Bolivia’s new tourist attraction:

The world’s most dangerous highway is now a big-draw tourist attraction. Onlookers inched to the edge of the road and peered 600 feet down into the misty jungle where a shattered bus and its victims lay. A rope was flung … Continue reading

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