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I suppose this was inevitable. Of course this forces me to contribute… Blame Jonson for pointing that site out to me. The “O R’LYEH?” is freaking brilliant.

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Strange Owl

Last week we said hello to Knut the polar bear, now say hi to Xenoglaux… A tiny bird so rare and unusual that its scientific name means “strange owl” has been spotted for the first time in the wild, scientists … Continue reading

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Translation is the art of failure

Pileup of semiotics in the Termini train station in Rome. I have mentally set a goal for myself to learn enough Italian to be able to read one of these in the original language.

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Things going on while I was reconfiguring the server

The only thing missing from the surveillance video of the SUV driver crashing through an Augusta mall is the Blues Brothers soundtrack. Bonus points to the deputy sheriff who barely keeps from laughing during his interview. The state of air … Continue reading

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Didactic, Yet Eclectic

When Zippy met Harbie. (see the full strip)

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Catching up on recent things

My alma mater UC Irvine has always had an odd image and self-esteem problem. Of course it doesn’t help when your campus has had problems with body snatchers, assault by radioactivity, a sign that cost more than some buildings, and … Continue reading

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76 sign victory

Wow! I can’t remember any previous situation where a corporation (especially one the size of ConocoPhillips) making a decision in favor of aesthetics. Nearly one year after we launched our campaign asking ConocoPhillips to reconsider their “destroy all balls” policy … Continue reading

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Ladd Observatory, Providence

Chris Perridas has been blogging about H.P. Lovecraft and his time in Providence, Rhode Island and his post today featured the Ladd Observatory. Originally built in 1891, Lovecraft used to hang out there quite a bit: Ladd remains a living … Continue reading

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Robert Anton Wilson R.I.P.

Robert Anton Wilson was pretty much responsible for a lot of things (Buckminster Fuller, Marshall McLuhan, secret societies, Church Of The SubGenius, giant squid, the MC5) that have entertained/enlightened me over the years. One of the few times I ever … Continue reading

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Maximum Scrabble

Ladies and gentlemen, the aftermath of the highest scoring game of Scrabble ever: New records for most points in a game by one player (830), the most total points in a game (1,320), and the most points on a single … Continue reading

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