Today is macaroni and cheese day

I’ve been hankering for macaroni and cheese for awhile now and the “grocery store grade” mac and cheese just isn’t tasty enough to satisfy the jones for cheesy comfort food. So today was scratch macaroni and cheese, with some onions, three different kinds of cheese (standard sharp cheddar, white cheddar, and mozzarella) ziti pasta and some home brew bread crumbs I made out of some stale bread I had sitting around.

The results were incredibly tasty. The cheese on top browned nicely with the chunks of bread forming a nice crunchy crust with a light and fluffy cheese and pasta underneath. Much like a baked ziti, only not as heavy. Obligatory photos:



I’m quite pleased with the results and it’s the perfect accompaniment to the Godzilla movie marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel today.

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