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A Bug In The System

“A Second View of the Mite Approaching the Gear Chain” One of the many photographs from the “Bugs On Devices” category in Sandia Labs’ MEMS image gallery. [via CoolGov]

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Transportation Futuristics

Following from the similar “Yesterday’s Tomorrows” and “Out Of Time“, “Transportation Futuristics” is a treasure dump of retrofuture eye candy with a hundred years’ worth of monorails, SSTs, flying cars, floating cities, etc.

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Where magneto-reluctance and capacitive directance modialy interact

I have no idea what it does, but I’m deathly afraid that my inverse reactive current supply cannot automatically synchronize cardinal grammeters. “It” in this case is Rockwell’s retro-encabulator which replaces old pre-fabulated amulite base-plate machines that had a malleable … Continue reading

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Free wireless access at Long Beach airport

OK, this totally rocks… Long Beach Airport has free wireless access everywhere in the terminal. Nothing really to add more to that!

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Freaking out the 12 foot tall lizard people followers and everyone else

The Times reports. Paging David Icke… Soldiers from one of Britain’s most illustrious regiments added a splash of colour to their uniforms by adopting Snake-eye goggles as they started war training yesterday. Members of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, including … Continue reading

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Anti-bot warfare

Mark Pilgrim outlines some anti-bot strategies in “How to block spambots, ban spybots, and tell unwanted robots to go to hell“

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More fun with infrasound psyops

More fun with infrasound. You just know the DoD is all over this for some new-fangled psy-ops toys. Scientists have begun analysing the responses of 250 people who took part in the study into the effects of infrasound, carried out … Continue reading

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DIY High-Altitude Ballooning

Balloon v1.0 is the project of James Meehan, an unemployed techie who thought it would be cool to build his own high-altitude balloon. Be sure to check out the photo gallery. [via Bruce Sterling]

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Do not give out this URL

Sure, don’t give out the URL but did you ever think of blocking the indexing bots? See the insecurity parade in action when you google on “do not give out this URL”.

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Sociology of the mobile phone

This site has lots of links to online papers and publications on mobile phone sociology. [via Red Rock Eater]

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