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Floating Rocks

MetaFilter links to the Concrete Ships site and the commenters all fall in to discuss the concrete battleship, concrete submarines and the, well, underwhelming remains of the S.S. Atlantus. Folks, if you want to get some dead concrete ship action … Continue reading

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U-turns = Communism

I just started a new job in Rancho Santa Margarita – deep in the bowels of exurban Orange County and already I have a rant. Why can’t anyone make a u-turn in this burg? Not only do most intersections prohibit … Continue reading

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This morning I woke up to the sound of goats bleating outside and, yup, the goat herder on the hillside moved the goats directly below the house. It’s all in the name of fire-prevention – the hillside is overrun with … Continue reading

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La Sirena Grill

I’ve been driving past this “restaurant in a house” for months now and never bothered to drop in until now. Who the hell knew that it was so wonderfully kick ass? Fave dish so far is the “Sirena Plate” – … Continue reading

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I knew something was up this morning when the Orange County Fire Dept. mobile command post and a half-dozen fire trucks tore down Laguna Canyon Road as I was driving up to catch the train to work. Fire and Water … Continue reading

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Google Map tourism

Between GoogleGlobetrotting, Google Maps Mania, Google Sightseeing, Scavengeroogle, Interesting Google Satellite Maps, and Sprol you need a separate blog to keep up with the GoogleMaps blogs. Anyway, my contribution to GoogleMaps sightseeing is the site of Rice Army Air Field … Continue reading

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Pisgah Crater

What’s left of Pisgah Crater. A gravel company has been steadily picking away at it for years. I always thought that Pisgah Crater was the site of a hilarious prank that involved a truckload of burning tires and a panicked … Continue reading

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Ludlow, CA

Ludlow still hangs on for dear life. Sort of… The Ludlow Cafe back during a happier time. One strong wind is going to knock over what’s left of the old Ludlow Mercantile building that wasn’t originally damaged in the big … Continue reading

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Jumbo Squid invade home

Great Cthulhu! It hasn’t even been a month yet since I left and already jumbo squid (well, Humboldt Squid) are invading my former home. LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. — About 1,500 jumbo squid, apparently far from home, have mysteriously washed up … Continue reading

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Random Linkage I

Homemade macaroni and cheese is one of the greatest things ever and Gothamist links to New York Magazine’s review of the poshiest mac and cheeses in New York. I like the idea of a Mac mini home media server, but … Continue reading

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