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Still too hot out

It’s really too hot out to write much of anything at the moment, so here are some sunset pictures from the drive home. iPod random play decided that I needed to hear Ride’s “Leave Them All Behind” and it fit … Continue reading

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Some photos from the road


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Up the hill. Down the hill. Repeat many times.

So the last time I was skiing was roughly twenty years ago: new wave was still king and MTV had yet to air a single video. So it was rather random to go up to Mammoth for a couple of … Continue reading

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Abandoned and little-known airfields

A nice guide to abandoned and little-known airfields. Includes my beloved Rice Air Base.

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Bullitt locations then and now

Arguably, the city of San Francisco was as much of a star in Bullitt as Steve McQueen. Someone went through all the locations in the movie (along with the famous car chase) and took pictures of how they look now. … Continue reading

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Feds cut back California water supply

First it was manipulation of California’s electricity, now it’s manipulation of California’s water. Water officials have shut off three of eight massive pumps on Lake Havasu that transfer water from the Colorado River to California after the federal government called … Continue reading

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Welcome to Isla California

We always knew that California was culturally separate from the rest of the U.S. and for a little over a hundred years in the 17th Century it was geographically separate too. Anyway, I was looking for some images of the … Continue reading

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Big Iron in San Diego

Who knew that San Diego had a computer museum? I thought they were all up in the Bay Area or out back East. Anyway, check out their online gallery of Big Iron photographs from the days of reel-to-reel and ferrite … Continue reading

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Photographic aerial survey of the California coastline

A totally remarkable site with aerial photographs of pretty much the entire California coastline. Here’s downtown Laguna Beach for starters.

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In Smog And Thunder: The Great War Of The Californias

A couple of years ago I caught Sandow Birk’s history of the Great War down at the Laguna Art Museum and was totally blown away. In Smog And Thunder details a fictional historical war between Northern and Southern California with … Continue reading

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