Episode #007 – 2013


Quartz City Podcast – Episode #007 – 2013

Twenty-five albums I liked from 2013. No ranking other than I just liked them a lot.

Anna Calvi – “Suddenly” – website
The Knife – “Wrap Your Arms Around Me” – website
The KVB – “I Only See The Lights” – bandcamp
No Joy – “Prodigy” – website
La Luz – “Sure As Spring” – facebook
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – “The In-Between” – bandcamp
The Stargazer Lilies – “Undone” – website
Bardo Pond – “Kali Yuga Blues” – website
My Bloody Valentine – “Only Tomorrow” – website
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Subway” – website
Barn Owl – “Against The Night” – website
Maps and Diagrams – “Tafelstern” – website
Noveller – “Gathering The Elements” – website
Secret Pyramid – “Quiet Sky” – blogspot
Boards Of Canada – “New Seeds” – website
Speck Mountain – “Badwater” – website
Beaches – “Send Them Away” – facebook
Throwing Muses – “Sunray Venus” – website
Bosnian Rainbows – “Red” – bandcamp
Medicine – “Butterfly’s Out Tonight” – facebook
Matthew J Tow – “When I Get To Sydney” – website
Sam Phillips – “Speaking Of Pictures” – website
The Limiñanas – “My Black Sabbath” – bandcamp
Marisa Anderson – “Furnace Creek” – bandcamp
KT Tunstall – “No Better Shoulder” – website

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Episode #006 – Austin Psych Fest 2013

Quartz City Podcast – Episode #006 – Austin Psych Fest 2013

Bass Drum Of Death – “Nerve Jamming” – website
Wall of Death – “Thunder Sky” – Facebook
Young Magic – “Sanctuary” – website
The Soft Moon – “Insides” – website
Spectrum – “Undo The Taboo” – website
Clinic – “Miss You II” – website
The Raveonettes – “Sinking With the Sun” – website
Boris – “Hope” – website
Woodsman – “All Tangled Up” – Tumblr
Dead Skeletons – “Ljósberinn” – website
Silver Apples – “Seagreen Serenades” – website
Gary War – “Grown In Shells” – Facebook
Tamaryn – “While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming” – website
The Laurels – “Manic Saturday” – Facebook
No Joy – “Hare Tarot Lies” – website
The Besnard Lakes – “People Of The Sticks” – website
The Black Ryder – “All That We See” – website
The Black Angels – “Paladin’s Last Stand” – website
Kaleidoscope – “Dive Into Yesterday” – Facebook
The Moving Sidewalks – “Flashback” – website
Goat – “Stonegoat” – Blogspot

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Episode #005

Quartz City Podcast – Episode #005

Loscil – “Endless Falls” – website
Zelienople – “Flurry” – website
Barn Owl – “Pale Star” – website
NEU! – “Seeland” – website
Hedgehog – “Sky Song” – website
The High Violets – “Ciné” – website
The Sirago 17 – “Laetitia” – Bandcamp
Ed Kuepper & The Kowalski Collective – “Skinny Jean” – Bandcamp
Suki Ewers – “Time After Time” – Facebook
o13 – “Ocean” – Facebook
Suzy Blu – “Ten Times” – Tumblr
Paik – “Killing Windmills” – Wikipedia

Links to everyone should be embedded in the file (I’m using the enhanced podcast features in GarageBand)

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Episode #004

No theme this time. Just music…

Hedgehog – “The Burning Sun In The Morning”
Föllakzoid – “99”
Beaches – “New Knowledge”
Sun Dial – “You’re Still Wondering”
Ojos Rojos – “So Wrong”
Steven R. Smith – “Old Skete 11”
Avrocar – “Tetra”
White+ – “silveR”
Matthew J Tow – “Night And Day”

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Episode #003 – The Obligatory Covers Mix

There’s a time when every podcast does a mix of cover songs. This is that time.

The Saints – “River Deep Mountain High”
Luis & The Wildfires – “Digital”
Fireball – “Archangels Thunderbird”
Kinski – “Point That Thing Somewhere Else”
Lumerians – “Chevaux Fous”
Wooden Shjips – “Contact”
Jessamine – “Cheree”
Alphastone – “You’re Not Foolin’ Me”
Denial – “California Dreaming”
Anomy – “TVC 15”
Accelera Deck – “I Believe It”
Band Of Susans – “Ahead”
The Raveonettes – “I Wanna Be Adored”
Britta Phillips – “How You Satisfy Me”

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Episode #002 – Recent Things

Quartz City Podcast #002… recent things that I’ve been listening to.

The Limiñanas – “(I’ve Got) Trouble In Mind”
Emma Acs – “We Make Sense”
Cobalt Cranes – “Head in the Clouds”
Echodrone – “Cold Snap”
Speck Mountain – “Young Eyes”
Terrapin – “Cirrus Minor”
Chasms – “Heavenly Blue”
Richard Skelton – untitled from Dreamsheep Vol. 1
The Holydrug Couple – “Out Of Sight”
The Roswell Incident” – “The Stars (Are Out)”
Khun narin phin sing – untitled ordination ceremony jam
Emmalee Crane – “Crowd of Reeds”

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Episode #001 Quartz City Podcast

Assuming that all appropriate plug-ins are configured correctly, this post will be the official RSS-ified beginning of the Quartz City Podcast. Right now, I’m going with a bi-weekly schedule – potentially subject to change as we move along but I think I can handle bi-weekly for now. Music mix episodes will still be posted on Mixcloud, but as we push forward with this I hope to feature more than just music. Here we go…

Track listing:
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Seven Kinds of Wonderful”
The Vandelles – “All Aloha”
Savages – “Flying To Berlin”
Moonbell – “Still Motion”
Steve Moore – “Dawn Of Primordial Life”
All India Radio – “Tomorrowland”
Marie-Pierre Arthur – “À partir de maintenant”
School of Seven Bells – “When You Sing”
Brother Sun, Sister Moon – “All You Need”
Jessica Bailiff – “Take Me to the Sun (So Warm, So Ready)”
Allah-Las – “Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)”
Flavor Crystals – “Broadcaster”
Persephone’s Bees – “We’ve Just Begun”
The Hives – “Insane”


A Bite of Stars, A Slug of Time, and Thou

newworlds_1958-04.jpgFreaky Trigger is podcasting ResonanceFM’s A Bite of Stars, A Slug of Time, and Thou, an astoundingly great show on pulp and avant-garde science fiction short stories from 1935 to 1975. Recommended for anyone who’s annoyed at how SF is equated these days with only television and movies.

The second season is already in progress and ends in November, but the entire run of shows is available and worth grabbing.

If you need one show to sample, start with episode #10 on J. G. Ballard’s “Track 12.” An early 1958 short story of his from New Worlds that’s one part Poe and one part sonic weaponry. The followup discussion touches on electroacoustic music, Iannis Xenakis, microsonics, and Ballard of course.

ResonanceFM desperately needs to archive/podcast more of its shows.