A Bite of Stars, A Slug of Time, and Thou

newworlds_1958-04.jpgFreaky Trigger is podcasting ResonanceFM’s A Bite of Stars, A Slug of Time, and Thou, an astoundingly great show on pulp and avant-garde science fiction short stories from 1935 to 1975. Recommended for anyone who’s annoyed at how SF is equated these days with only television and movies.

The second season is already in progress and ends in November, but the entire run of shows is available and worth grabbing.

If you need one show to sample, start with episode #10 on J. G. Ballard’s “Track 12.” An early 1958 short story of his from New Worlds that’s one part Poe and one part sonic weaponry. The followup discussion touches on electroacoustic music, Iannis Xenakis, microsonics, and Ballard of course.

ResonanceFM desperately needs to archive/podcast more of its shows.

Author: Chris Barrus

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