Episode #002 – Recent Things

Quartz City Podcast #002… recent things that I’ve been listening to.

The Limiñanas – “(I’ve Got) Trouble In Mind”
Emma Acs – “We Make Sense”
Cobalt Cranes – “Head in the Clouds”
Echodrone – “Cold Snap”
Speck Mountain – “Young Eyes”
Terrapin – “Cirrus Minor”
Chasms – “Heavenly Blue”
Richard Skelton – untitled from Dreamsheep Vol. 1
The Holydrug Couple – “Out Of Sight”
The Roswell Incident” – “The Stars (Are Out)”
Khun narin phin sing – untitled ordination ceremony jam
Emmalee Crane – “Crowd of Reeds”

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Author: Chris Barrus

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