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Fire crew scanner streams

Just as FYI to everyone, here are some online police/fire radio scanner streams. ScanOC is streaming Silverado/Portola fire crew radio via WMP. ScannerBuff is streaming Agua Dulce, Santa Clarita, Orange County, and Witch Creek fires (you’ll need to install the … Continue reading

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The Sixth Martian Invasion

England 1898. New Jersey 1938. Santiago 1944. Quito 1949. Los Angeles 1953. Buffalo 1968? Buffalo radio station WKBW updated the Orson Wells War Of The Worlds broadcast using their DJs and in-house news reporters playing themselves. Despite a month’s worth … Continue reading

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“Mein Fraulien” Numbers Station followup

I haven’t been to a LA 2600 meeting since the late 1990s, but in retrospect I’m not entirely surprised that they were behind the “Mein Fraulien” numbers-station-via-phone that was getting everyone’s attention back in June. I think my favorite hidden … Continue reading

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Numbers stations via telephone

I’ve been interested in numbers stations for awhile now (and yes I still listen to the Conet Project set), but the whole numbers/spy station saga has taken an unusual, but perhaps not unexpected direction. A numbers station has been found, … Continue reading

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Jean Shepherd, Podcasts, and the Cold War

After mucking about with various podcast channels, I’ve caved in and declared podcasts absolutely essential after I discovered that the Jean Shepherd Podcast Archives podcasts. Shepherd was a radio raconteur, broadcasting overnight out of WOR in New York City through … Continue reading

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Eastbound III – Roswell NM

The signs welcoming you to town indicate that it’s “the dairy capital of New Mexico”, but Roswell has clearly hitched it’s tourist dollar wagon to the rapidly stale alien kitch zeitgeist. The International UFO Museum is the King Hell tourist … Continue reading

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Joe Frank online

Cult radio legend Joe Frank — whose surreal, intimate, always-compelling psychosoundscape monologues have been a public radio staple for decades — just launched a website. Contains show archives going back to the ’70s. Absolutely essential. [via Boing Boing]

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How Awful Is the Radio in Your City? Take This Simple Test

Listen to local radio for four consecutive hours (come on, you can do it!), randomly changing the station every so often. Start with 500 points, and add or subtract points as indicated for each occurrence of an event listed here. … Continue reading

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MP3s from the John Peel show

Not mp3s of the Peel show, but legally downloadable tracks of artists/songs featured on Peel’s Radio One show. Lots of cool stuff – Mogwai, The Fall, Set Fire To Flames, Quasi, Super Furry Animals, Hopewell, Low. [via The Null Device]

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Big guide to public radio

Monster-sized guide to public radio stations world-wide with direct links to the streams, home pages, etc. [via Boing Boing Blog]

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