Desktop Motivation

I haven’t added a screenshot to the Command Shift 3 Flickr pool in awhile….

Lee Marvin desktop 2008-02-05

Forget all that motivational poster crap, there’s no greater way to get your butt moving on work than a determined Lee Marvin on his way to open up several drums of whoop-ass.

Screencap from the always great Nostalgia Party No. 2 blog.

Author: Chris Barrus

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3 thoughts on “Desktop Motivation”

  1. What an odd coincidence–just yesterday and today I’ve been watching a lot of Lee Marvin on YouTube–particularly his appearance on Dragnet in 1951, “The Big Cast.” I’ve read his bio on the wikipedia as well. He came from family that was socially prominent in NYC and attended boarding school–but was kicked out for bad behavior. Then he fought in the Battle of Saipan, which left a permanent impression (or scar, if you will) on him.

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