There’s a ton of hysteria about the extra box you have to check if you’re a non-partisian voter in L.A. County who wants to vote on the Demoocratic ballot, and unlike Kos, et. al who are fanning the flames, the directions were pretty explicit from the sample ballot I received in the mail (page two says to check the box!) to the instructions you read on the ballot itself.

Bureaucracy doesn’t have to make sense.

Anyway I suppose I should have joined in with the folks who were taking pictures of their polling place, but everything was running smoothly this morning (I voted at the Oasis Christian Center on Wilshire). Took all of ten minutes.

There was a video crew from down the street and they ended up interviewing me for the site (note to self: when thinking, make sure your eyes are open). Techincally though, I’m not part of “a group of California Democrats,” – I’m non-partisian and just happened to vote on a Democratic ballot.

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3 Responses to Voting

  1. Doug Orleans says:

    Cool, your 15 kb/s of fame!

  2. nick says:

    Face it, you’re just part of an easily identifiable, homogeneous group — California Democrats today, post-amoebiac modo-synaptic crustaceans tomorrow.

  3. Chris Barrus says:

    I still have my original Cthulhu For President stickers from the 1992 campaign.

    I’m a pan-dimensional cephalopod and I VOTE!

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