More Harbies!

Harbie #1 (Harbor Blvd.)I recalled from some net research that there was supposed to be another Harbie The Harbor Gasoline Seal on Harbor Blvd. in either Garden Grove or Anaheim and a short drive revealed not just one, but TWO new Harbies – both of them cheerfully guarding the front of an RV park in Garden Grove.

These are actually Harbies #3 & #4, Harbie #2 is at a used car lot in Bellflower that I don’t have a picture of yet. Of course, there’s the Bisbee Harbie that started it all.

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  1. John says:

    When my oldest daughter was little i used to take her to Peninsula Park at the Channel Islands harbor and she wanted to visit Harbie. Fast foward a few years my son came along and we still continued to visit Harbie – once again foward a few years when my second daughter was small we moved to Ventura so we didn’t go to that park as frequent. On one of our visits about ten years ago the playground was gettin new equipment and Harbie was gone!.Fast foward to 2004 and we moved back to Oxnard when my third daughter was born. We rarely went to that park (it just wasn’t the same). When we first moved back we lived with family for a short time then we purchased a home on the next street over. Guess what – Harbie was our neighbor! he lived a few doors down.Talking with my neighbor(i’ve known the guy for years)he said his father was responsible for removing the equipment from the park but couldn’t discard Harbie so i told him if he ever wanted to get rid of him i’d be interested. Finally the other day we spoke and he told me he was going to remodel and Harbie needed to leave.Twenty-six years later Harbie he is now living in my yard for all my kids and grand-kids to enjoy.

  2. Chris Barrus says:

    What a terrific story! Send a picture along if you get a chance…

  3. Ron says:

    I have a harbie in my yard in Fontana

  4. Chris Barrus says:

    Ron… If you ever want to sell your Harbie, let me know

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