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Saturday night Mars

Saturday night I headed up to Mt. Pinos and met up with folks from the LA Astronomical Society to catch some views of Mars while it was still rather close. Best view of Mars I’ve ever had, period. Admittedly, not … Continue reading

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Tonight’s total lunar eclipse

There was a early evening ocean haze here in Long Beach that was making totality rather hard to see. But once the moon just peeked out from under the Earth’s shadow it was high enough in the sky to clear … Continue reading

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A modest proposal for NASA

Just realized something… Is there anyway we can get Mars to be included in the Axis Of Evil? There would have to be an invasion…

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Space shuttle crash description in Niven/Pournelle’s Inferno

A thread on rec.arts.sf.written excerpts a weirdly prescient description of a space shuttle re-entry crash from Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s Inferno: “One of those days,” Corbett said. “First, a twenty-six hour hold while we replaced one of the solid … Continue reading

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An even better Columbia FAQ

The folks of have put together a pretty good FAQ about the loss of Columbia.

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Kill your television

Garth points out the STS-107 Mission Report as the best place for non-absurdist information on Columbia. I’d add in NASA Watch myself. Either way, forget the newspapers or TV.

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Brian Webb’s Thursday email alert for viewing Columbia’s re-entry is still in my inbox. I set the alarm early and poked my head outside to see what the weather was like, but it was pretty well socked over at the … Continue reading

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Vandenberg missile test tonight

Heads up and charge up your digital cameras. A modified Minuteman II is set for launch from Vandenberg on December 11th at 00:01 PST. Full details on the Pentagon press release.

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Mountains on Io at sunset

This is one of those rare space photographs that instantly transforms an abstract planet or moon from the realm of KPT/Bryce effects to an actual place. Looking at this I can imagine a new form of extreme mountaineering, only in … Continue reading

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Planet Earth as abstract art

Amazing collection of Landsat images chosen for their artistic appeal. [via MetaFilter]

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