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Mars Science Lab has a posse

Whoever is doing the JPL mission films seems to have studied some Pixar films as despite having no music or narration, I was utterly absorbed by this mission overview. I also like how the rover seems somewhat tentative after it’s … Continue reading

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Punching the clock in orbit

This photo of has getting a bit of attention lately and rightly so – it’s something straight off of a 90s-era science fiction book cover. Post-cyberpunk optimism was back for a bit before blowing apart into lots of little subgenres. … Continue reading

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Separated At Birth, Part XIII

The Sahara Desert as viewed by Twittering astronaut Soichi Noguchi. The cover of Slowdive’s Pygmalion.

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Uzumaki In Norway

So in the end it appears that the Weird Giant Spiral of Norway was merely a failed launch attempt of Russia’s beleaguered Bulava ICBM, but for awhile there was some good solid confusion. I didn’t believe it was anything other … Continue reading

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Separated At Birth, Part X

The sound of radio emissions from Saturn (listen here) The closing credits to the television show U.F.O.

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Watching The World Go By

Like a lot of other people, I first ran across DISH Earth as a mysterious channel next to NASA TV. OK – it’s a picture of the Earth from space. Sure the timecode was changing every 15 seconds, but not … Continue reading

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I’ve had the STS-125 video feed going on in the background most of the week, but if I had to pick one video out of all that’s been happening it’s this clip of HST’s release. No Houston, no announcers, just … Continue reading

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Exploration of space. Directly over your head!

If I had thought to check earlier (Heavens Above really needs a custom RSS feed) I could have grabbed the requiste time-lapse satellite trail photo, but this underexposed over-enhanced photo will have to do. To the left is the moon. … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Tunguska Event!

Asteroid, comet, black hole, anti-matter, UFO crash, or Tesla experiment gone awry, the Tunguska Event is 100 years old today. May you continue to inspire crackpot astronomers and conspiracy theorists for one hundred more.

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Just before his first flight into space, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin stopped on his busride out to the launch pad to, well, pee on the side of the bus. It’s a long flight and well, when you gotta go, you gotta … Continue reading

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