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Batten down the hatches

OK, I get impressed when the radar returns show red, pink, and white. Heads up everyone…

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Tumbling Tumbleweeds

It’s windy in Los Angeles this morning. I was confronted by this guy on the walk to work. Must have been doing some travelling as there’s not too many open fields around here.

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LA Times’ fire map uses a volcano icon for Mt. Wilson. I can’t think of a more appropriate description of the smoke cloud.

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Station Fire on the march

Pictures taken over the course of the day.

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Where life took him

Spotted in Los Angeles.

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Separated At Birth, Part IX

The new logo for William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Icons for every currently shipping app from Adobe Couldn’t someone in the design department come up with a better corporate logo than that? Did anyone really try or were the negotiations were … Continue reading

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This Is The City… part II

Smoke from Jesusita fire in Santa Barbara approaching Los Angeles.

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This Is The City…

Burning truck near the intersection of Riverside and Fletcher. No one injured, but I was kinda worried about it being next to the gas station.

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Exploration of space. Directly over your head!

If I had thought to check earlier (Heavens Above really needs a custom RSS feed) I could have grabbed the requiste time-lapse satellite trail photo, but this underexposed over-enhanced photo will have to do. To the left is the moon. … Continue reading

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Fireworks over The Grove as seen from our kitchen window.

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